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Spatulas Review
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Vegan Tool Review

GIR "Get-It-Right"
Kitchen Spatulas

GIR "Get It Right" SpatulasFood preparation just got easier, safer, and healthier with the introduction of the GIR “Get It RIGHT” Spatula Set. Gone are the days of wooden handles, silicone paddles falling off in heavy batters, and food trapped and growing who-knows-what inside the head and handle joints.  I’ve personally replace all wooden handled spatulas with the new GIR Spatulas.
Rainbow Colors of GIR Spatulas

Hands burnt from hot metal spatula handles, dishwasher warped spatula handles, burnt wood, loose paddles, and mold growing in the head joint are a thing of the past! With the introduction of the GIR “Get It RIGHT” Spatulas, stirring, mixing, spreading, and cleaning just got easier!
Founder and CEO of GIR, Samantha Rose

The ever-so-clever founder and CEO of GIR, Samantha Rose, and Chief Creative Officer, Christian Lester, produce every size kitchen spatula that you’ll ever need for mixing, stirring, scraping, smearing, and sautéing your favorite foods. The design of each GIR Spatula is flawless and meets the test for the largest or smallest job in the kitchen. And the colors are so beautiful that you’ll have a hard time selecting your favorite. Personally, I think you’ll want more than one in each size! In fact the hole in the handles means you can hang them on hooks to create a great kitchen art display when they are not in use!

GOURMET HINT: hole in handle perfect for hanging up

The Pro Spatula

Made for professional kitchens and serious home cooks. Ideal for large, deep mixing bowls or pots. Broad, strong blade. Handle balanced and weighted for comfort.
Length: 15.8” (40cm)
Width: 2.7” (6.8cm at blade)
Weight: 6 oz (169gm)
Heat proof: -40°F to 464°F

The Ultimate Spatula

Designed with both the occasional cook and seasoned chef in mind. Suitable for containers of all sizes and uses: mixing bowls, jars, kitchen appliances, stovetop pots and pans.
Length: 11” (28cm)
Width: 1.9” (4.9cm at blade)
Weight: 3.2 oz (91g)
Heat proof: -40°F to 464°F

The Skinny Spatula

Chez bettay's personal favorite! Created to reach into tall, thin jars. Scrapes the deepest corners of any container. Leaves nothing wasted.
Length: 11” (28cm)
Width: 1.5” (3.9cm at blade)
Weight: 1.5 oz (42gm)
Heat proof: -40°F to 464°F

The Mini Spatula

For smaller jobs - and even smaller hands. Perfect for small bowls, sauce pots, food containers, jars, icing, and light mixing.
Length: 8.3” (21cm)
Width: 1.4” (3.6cm at blade)
Weight: 1.3 oz (36gm)
Heat proof: -40°F to 464°F

GIR Spatula Features

pharmaceutical-grade silicone
optimal flexibility
body made of silicone with inner polymer reinforcement
easy to clean
stain resistant - will not discolor
rainbow of color choices - 11 colors
made in China

      GIR "Get It RIGHT" Logo


Scientific Proofs

For those of you that want scientific background for GIR Spatulas, you will be happy to know that each one is made from pharmaceutical grade silicone.

- Heat proof to 464°F
- Heat resistant to 550°F
- Lab tested to decomposition at 986°F

464°F is a very conservative estimate for the GIR spatula's temperature rating. In fact, the spatula will perform admirably at temperatures higher than that -- the food-safe silicone used is not readily combustible, and does not melt or drip. It may discolor around 550-570°F or so, with prolonged exposure.

Why not higher? Aren't there silicone spatulas with temperatures like 600 or 700°F listed on the packaging?

Many manufacturers' claims about this aspect of their materials are misleading. There's no special "secret formula" silicone that is food safe but more heat-safe than the rest of the pack. In fact, silicone cooking tools that cite resistance to temperatures like 600°F or 700°F are basing that claim on conditions that really can't occur outside a lab. Great for marketing, but not so good if you actually want consumers to know the product's true performance limits… say, in a searing hot wok or pan.

Food-grade silicone products that claim higher heat resistance are simply citing results of lab tests like thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) conducted in inert nitrogen or argon gas. The presence of oxygen (like, in every kitchen on planet Earth) will typically cause partial oxidation above 572°F -- so that's about where degradation (or technically, "weight loss" as a result of depolymerization) will start to occur at a rapid rate.

To sum it all up, GIR confident in saying 464°F for prolonged heavy-duty exposure, and they know that science is on teir side. Truth is, you could take it much higher if you're willing to test the limits, with some risk of discoloration if you're too bold and it hangs around at +550°F for too long.

Heat Retention

GIR uses a polymer core to give the spatula strength and heft, which has the added benefit of low heat retention (unlike metal, for example). They are not saying that the spatulas can't ever get hot -- stick it in a pot of boiling sauce for a few minutes and yes, the contact areas will heat up. But it won't retain that heat for long. So if you're using it on a hot skillet and want to turn around for a minute or two, you can do so with little worry. They simply want to qualify the claim of heat resistance with a request that everyone exercises a bit of common sense when testing the limits of the GIR Spatulas.

United States FDA Regulations

• All GIR materials are FDA approved as food-safe! Check out 21 CFR Section 177.2600

• A representative sample of an analogous product to GIR silicone rubber met the requirements of USP Class VI (maximum contact time with human tissue 28 days) and ISO 10993 under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

• Listed as UL 94 HB

European Union Food Regulations

For GIR European Readers: The composition of the GIR Spatulas has been positively assessed according to French Arrêté of 25 November 1992 on silicone elastomers intended to come into contact with foodstuffs (Arrêté Ministériel du 25 novembre 1992 relatif aux matériaux et objets en élastomères de silicone mis ou destinés à être mis au contact des denrées, produits et boissons alimentaires).

• The composition of this product has been positively assessed according to German BfR Recommendation XV on Silicone for food contact (BfR-Empfehlungen XV zu Silicone).

• WRAS approved (BS 6920)

• KTW approved
BUY the GIR "Get-It-Right" Spatula


Personally, the GIR Spatulas must be experienced and handled like a knife to really understand the difference between this brand and all the rest. The weight, design, and feel is like deciding which expensive knife to buy. The reality is that you have to experience the feel and ease of use before making a decision. So BUY ONE and give it a test drive and then you’ll find yourself ordering the entire line of GIR “GET IT RIGHT” Kitchen Spatulas!

BUY the GIR Get-It-Right Ultimate Spatula, Red

BUY the GIR Get-It-Right Skinny Spatula, Red



Betty Morgan, Chez Bettay, the Vegan Gourmet
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"GIR GET-IT-RIGHT Silicone Spatulas"


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