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Gaggia Brera
Gaggia Brera
Instruction Manual

For those of you who would like to see the owner's manual, click on the photo above and it will open a PDF File of the Gaggia Brera Operation & Maintenance Manual. The English version begins on page 23.

Bodum Bistro
15-Ounce Glass Mug
      Bodum 10 Ounce Coffee Cup
Bodum Double-Walled Bistro Mugs have become my favorite coffee cups. They look delicate, but they are not. And it keeps my beverage HOT to the last drop.  I've thrown out all my other cups and only use these now. Amazon has all the sizes and shapes to suit whatever the beverage... HOT or COLD.

The 15-ounce size is perfect for frothing my soy milk creamer and then adding a double shot of Kona Joe Trellis Reserve Kona Coffee espresso using the Gaggia Brera.

The Bodum Double-Walled Mugs are dishwasher safe.

BUY the Bodum Bistro Double-Wall Insulated 15-Ounce Glass Mug,
Set of 2

Vegan Kitchen Tools
Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine
Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine
Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine

L-O-V-E At First PUSH
I’m a confessed kitchen appliance junkie! And a latte is my favorite beverage. Marry the appliance fetish with my LOVE of Freshly BREWED Espresso COFFEE and the end result is a gorgeous stainless steel automatic espresso machine, The Gaggia Brera! When I experienced the push of one button to get the same perfect, fresh ground cup of espresso over and over -- without preparation or cleanup hassles -- I was SOLD. For me and the Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine, it was L-O-V-E at First PUSH!
Coffee Plyers
Gaggia History
Gaggia founder, Achille Gaggia, had a passion for the perfect coffee taste. In 1938 he applied for a patent for the first modern steam-less coffee machine. His revolutionary concept of pressured water flowing over rich coffee grounds is what gives us the magnificent steaming golden crema that denotes the perfect cup of espresso. It was from this patented coffee machine that a whole new commerce and café society was born.

For over 60 years Gaggia has produced the finest commercial coffee machines found in cafés all over the world. The Gaggia name is synonymous in café culture to represent a unique combination of traditional quality and reliability coupled with state-of-art technology and performance.

The Gaggia company was founded in 1947 and formally formed in 1948. It first produced machines for commercial use, but in 1977 Gaggia produced its first machines for home use, which has become its dominant area of production. The company continues to produce quality espresso machines from classic manual machines to the innovative super-automatic models recently added to the line.

More detailed Gaggia history, photos & history.

Knowing Gaggia’s history, it’s no surprise that they have invented a plethora of choices for those of us seeking our own idea of the ultimate espresso coffee machine for home or office use. Gaggia is an expression of this understanding — providing editions whose design focuses on the strength of clear lines, the sophistication of digital technology, and the perpetuation of espresso tradition.

The Gaggia Brera Features
Stainless steel gleams on the front panel of the Gaggia Brera! This fully automated machine is a clever modern design that provides a high-end look on any countertop. The smooth exterior is easy to clean and takes up little counter space with it's 10" wide x 12.4" high x 17.5" deep footprint. If you have lower cabinet clearance, this machine will fit perfectly!

Rapid SteamRapid Steam Boiler System
Switching back and forth between steaming and brewing is very simple with Gaggia’s Rapid Steam Function made possible with twin stainless steel boilers. Fifteen bars of steam pressure is produced for each cup brewed with the perfect temperature to prevent bitterness. The system allows you to switch from brewing to steaming without having to wait! You will find this invaluable when creating coffees for dinner parties or when friends show up for a quick cup.

HINT: And what about offering cappuccinos to clients that arrive for a meeting -- VIP service for that client you want to impress!
Gaggia Brera Programmable Buttons
Strength Selector ButtonsProgrammable Button Controls

The LCD screen and touch buttons provide a complete programmable menu for standard or customized settings for your favorite coffees. In moments we created two custom coffee selections for particular cup sizes and espresso strengths.

Gaggia Brera Espresso Crema
Gaggia Brera Espresso Crema

Gaggia Brera Adjustable Brew Spout
Note the black area above the cup, this is the Adjustable Dispensing Spout

Dispensing Spout Adjustment
Gaggia created a simple way to adjust the height/level of the brew spout with a simple pull down or up action. With other machines, I’d have to pour the espresso from a cup that would fit under the portofino into my favorite cup and I’d lose all the flavorful crema! With the Gaggia Brera, I can use my assorted cups and get them to fit with a simple pull to adjust the height of dispensing spout.
   Gaggia Brera Coffee Puck

The coffee grounds from one Gaggia Brera Espresso is a small perfect puck. The puck is saturated through the entire puck so that perfect crema extraction is achieved... not too dry and not to wet, just PERFECT!

Removable Compartments

Remove the water reservoir on the left front side of the unit and the Spent Grounds Box on the right side. A Water Catcher Unit is built into the base's front tray that prevents any spills. I pull it out and rinse it every day.

Froth Wand
The Froth Wand delivers hot water or steam for specialty drinks. The wand allows me to froth in any size pitcher or cup. A convenient silicone handle keeps fingers from getting burned when maneuvering the wand inside frothing pitcher.

To dispense hot water, twist the selector switch clockwise to the right to select the tea cup. This provides hot water for teas or hot chocolates. Once the level you desire is achieved, turn the selection switch to the center to stop the flow of hot water.

CLEAN the FROTH WAND: Always clean the Froth Wand with a wet towel and run steam through it to clear any "milk" residue from the nozzle. Keep this cleaned and you will never have any problems.

Hot Chocolate Froth
The froth wand works great to froth hot chocolate after it’s fully mixed by selecting the steam icon and then frothing the mixture. Give it a try and see how beautifully it enhances a hot chocolate presentation!

Hint: 140-160 degrees is the recommended temperature for almond or soy milk creamers used for frothy vegan cappuccinos. Use a digital thermometer to determine how long it takes and listen to the sound change as it froths. Once you've gotten the froth to the Gaggia Brera Bypass Doserlevel desired, push the cup higher on the wand to cover the tiny intake hole... this will then only heat the milk/creamer and not froth!

This is a technique that will also help reheat a beverage that has cooled off without adding water. Just make sure the hole on the froth wand is submerged and the steam will bring the cup contents back to the desired heat.

Bypass Doser
By pre-grinding decaf or flavored specialty coffee beans, I can create a decaf espresso or another specialty coffee by using the bypass doser. This doser allows Capresso Conical Burr Grinderme to brew a decaf coffee while bypassing the whole beans in the hopper.

HINT: 2 level tablespoons ground coffee will create the best cup... if you put more in it will just dump the grinds into the Spent Grounds Compartment.

Trouble Shooting: Using the Bypass Doser is MESSY! For some reason, part of the grounds end up in the bottom behind the Brew Group. I use a vacuum to suck the grounds out.

Capresso Conical Burr Grinder
I recommend investing in a good burr grinder for grinding decaf or specialty coffee beans to be used in the by-pass doser. The Stainless Steel Infinity Burr Grinder by Capresso costs about $99 at I know this seems like a lot to spend on a coffee grinder, but the end results are superb! The coffee grinds just like the built-in Gaggia Brera grinder and provides the best end result for those decaf coffee drinkers.

Ceramic GrinderCeramic Coffee Grinder

Coffee beans travel from the 8.8 ounce airtight hopper to the ceramic burr grinder where they are ground by a rotating and a stationary burr. The ceramic burr coffee grinder is quiet and performs a Bean Hopperconsistent grind each time a coffee is selected. Inside the area where the coffee beans are stored is a black knob that allows for adjustment of the grind. The knob can only be turned while it is grinding. Press down and twist to get the knob to turn... there are five grind settings with the largest mark being coarse and the thinnest mark is the finest setting. I suggest making two cups with the factory setting and then adjust accordingly. Read the Gaggia Manual Directions BEFORE you attempt the adjustment.

Removable Water Reservoir

The easy access to the 1.2 liter water reservoir from the front left side of the machine. The reservoir is made of durable plastic and may be fitted with an Intenza Water Filter that removes impurities from your tap water. Set the Intenza Aroma System to the appropriate setting: A-Soft Water, B-Medium Water, C-Hard Water. We only use filtered water in our machine so that each cup is perfect.

The Gaggia Brera machine alerts you when the water tank needs to be refilled so you never have to worry about running out of water.

Removable Brewing UnitRemovable Brew Group and Spent Grounds Box
The brew mechanism is removable for easy maintenance on the right-hand side of the machine — rinse it under running water to clean out any coffee oils and residue once a week and NEVER USE SOAP. Made of sturdy black plastic, it locks back into place for consistent brewing. Each Gaggia Brera includes a brew group lubricant to keep the component running smoothly. See your manual for details.
  Gaggia Brera Brew Unit
Trouble Shooting: A few days ago I went to brew an espresso and started a tea kettle of water boiling and blew a fuse. At that point, I decided to clean out the Brew Group before powering up the machine again. But it would not budge! My husband, Robert and I pulled, tugged, prayed, and talked intimately about the situation. Finally Robert decided to put the machine back together and run it through the startup cycle. Guess what? Now the brew group released easily and popped right. Apparently, when the fuse blew, it was in mid cycle and confused the digital memory.

If you have trouble releasing the Brew Group, push the Start Button again as though you were going to brew another espresso. This action will recycle the memory and after it finishes the cycle, drink the coffee and then pull the Brew Group out easily.

Energy SavingEnergy Saver
I don’t know about you, but I often forget to turn things OFF. The Gaggia Brera provides an Energy Saver that turns off the machine after 60 minutes of inactivity. This makes sure the machine turns itself off after leaving home or the office.

Ground Coffee CompartmentCoffee Bean Hopper
The Coffee Bean Hopper holds 8.8 ounces of your favorite whole beans. The coffee beans in the hopper stay completely FRESH because there is a silicone rim around the entire lid to keep the beans fresh! It is even sealed around the Bypass Doser, so your beans always stay fresh!

Before You BREW
Please take time to read and re-read the directions before pushing the first button! Take your time and get familiar with the machine BEFORE you begin to BREW!

Pump Pressure: 15 Bar
Finishes: Chrome Plated with Stainless Steel Front and Cup Stand
Energy: Low Energy Consumption, Standby Mode Activates After 1 Hour of Idle Time
Cleaning: Self-Rinse Cycle
Cup Height: Adjustable Telescopic Coffee Dispenser for Short or Tall Cups
Weight: 18.7 pounds
Dimensions: 10"W x 12.4"H x 17.5"D
Origin: Italy
Warranty: One Year
Available Colors: Silver and Black

Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine
Brew A PERECT Cup of Cappuccino, Latte or Espresso EVERYTIME You Press the Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine's Brew Button!

The Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine is a quality investment for the office, home entertaining and personal coffee drinking enjoyment.

BUY the Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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MicroTemp MT-100 Digital Infrared Thermometer

My husband, Rob-Art, loves this little MicroTemp Digital Infrared Thermometer for measuring the temperature when steaming his soy milk creamer for his espresso or tea. He simply points at the surface of the liquid he is heating. This tiny tool allows him to heat liquids without going over his desired 130 degrees F and to prevents his beverage from becoming "tongue burning." I think the MicroTemp MT-100 would be great for testing foods heated for the baby too!

MicroTemp MT-100 Features
-Temperature range of
-67F to 230F

-Distance to Sight Ratio is 1:1 (at 1 inch away the MT-100 measures a surface of 1 inch in diameter)

-Includes wrist strap -Easily fits in your pocket or on your key chain
BUY the MicroTemp MT-100 Digital Infrared Thermometer

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