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RSVP Tea Strainer with Drip Cup

For teas that have a lot of "dust", I will often use a small tea strainer to pour the tea through. But this is a personal preference and I usually always use a tea strainer if a tea bag is not used.

RSVP created a stainless steel fine mesh strainer that catches even the smallest particles and an added drip cup is the
perfect place to set the strainer between pourings of your favorite tea.

RSVP Features
♥ 5" Long x 1" High with a separate resting drip cup

♥ Wide bars allows the strainer to rest on top of many mug
sizes or is easily held by the bar

♥ Drip cup keeps strainer
from leaking onto linens or kitchen counters

♥ Durable, dishwasher-safe 18/10 Stainless Steel

BUY the RSVP Stainless Steel
Tea Strainer with the
Drip Cup


Vegan Tools

finum® Tea Accessories

Finum Tea Control 0.8 liter Teapot
Finum Tea Control 0.8 Liter Teapot

finum® TEA CONTROL 0.8 L / 28 OZ (USA)

I am smitten with the classically modern design of the finum® Tea Control Teapot. This teapot is brilliant in design and the warmer stand provides an elegant finish when serving myself alone or when friends drop by for a "cup of tea". finum®'s new filter allows the user to stop the brewing action with a twist of the lid. Immediately the brewed tea leaves are pressed into an enclosed area of the filter and no longer sit in the perfectly brewed pot of tea. Ingenious!

The finum® Tea Pot Design

finum®'s eye-catching teapot design holds the European Red Dot Award. The Finum Tea Control is a stylish glass design that is shock resistant and made of heat-safe borosilicate glass. It reminds me of my high school chemistry class beakers we used for experiments. The glass may look delicate, but it is heavy, strong, and feels great when handled. An added feature of this teapot is the "no-drip spout" which eliminates tea stains on beautiful linens or tables.

Finum Teapot Filter with Tea and Hot Water
finum® Tea Control Filter with Tea and Water

Finum Tea Control Tea Leaf After the TWIST
finum® Tea Control Filter - Tea Leaves Pressed Aside to Stop the Brewing

finum® Tea Control 0.8 liter
How to Use the finum® Tea Control Filter

To control the strength and taste of your precious loose and bagged tea is simply a turn of the Finum lid.

To use the finum® Tea Control Filter, remove the lid and set aside.

Finum Tea Control Step 1Add the loose tea or tea bag to the filter.

Finum Tea Control Step 2Pour the correct temperature of hot water over the tea and slowly fill the teapot.

Finum Tea Control Step 3Insert the top into the filter and set your timer for the correct brew development of your chosen tea.

Finum Tea Control Step 4When the tea achieves the desired strength, twist the top while holding onto the sides of the filter and twist. This will push ALL the tea leaves or bags to the enclosed side of the filter preventing them from continuing to brew.

Finum Tea Control Step 5Serve the tea in your favorite cup and forget drips because this teapot doesn't drip!

Once the tea is consumed, twist the filter open again and remove the top from the filter.

Add more water and repeat the process for another perfectly brewed pot of tea.

The finum® Tea Control Teapot

Features of the finum® Tea Control 0.8 Liter Teapot

Ability to stop the brewing process at any desired point to accommodate different steeping times of different teas.

Tea can be brewed right at your table without having to remove the filter.

Allows user to monitor the expansion of the tea leaves, as well as the spreading of the leaves' color and flavor.

High-tech material makes the patented infuser very durable and completely taste and odor free.

Glass tea pot made of heat-safe borosilicate glass is safe for oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and most heating surfaces.

Brews up to four cups.
finum® three colors

Available in several colors.

Dishwasher proof.

About finum®

finum® is the international brand founded by Christian Justus, Managing Partner CEO of German filter manufacturer Riensch & Held GmbH & Co.KG, a company founded in 1845.

BUY the finum® Tea Control 0.8

finum® Tea Warmer

For added table elegance and the ability to keep the tea warm between refills, I recommend purchasing the Finum Tea Warmer for the finum® Tea Control .8 Liter Teapot. The warmer is made from stainless steel, measures 140mm in diameter, and the tea candle is not included.

Finum Tea Warmer

BUY the finum® Tea Warmer, Stainless Steel

finum® 100-Cup Size Filters and Stick

Finum 100 Tea Filters with Stick

Finum 1-Cup Tea Bag with Stick
finum® Tea Bags with Stick Holder

The finum® 100-Cup Size Filters with Stick

How to Use the finum® FILTER STICK and One-cup Tea Filter Holder

How to Use the Finum Paper Tea Filter and Stick
How to Use the finum® Paper Tea Filter and Stick

1-Pierce the filter on the "Filter Stick" approximately 1/2 inch from the opening top and in the middle.

2-Gently press the filter open on the "Filter Stick" and use your index and middle finger to kick the pleat open in the bottom of the bag.

3-Place the "Filter Stick" across the rim of the mug/cup and add your favorite loose tea.

4-Pour the correct temperature of water for your choose tea through the filter.

5-Steep till the tea is brewed to your requirements.

6-Remove the finum® Tea Stick and Bag and lay it onto a saucer or dish if you desire to brew another cup. (SAVE the STICK!)

Note: Expensive teas usually provide at least one or two brews, so don't throw the used bag of tea leaves away… try brewing a second time and see for yourself… always keep the "finum® Filter Stick" for repeated uses.

Finum Tea Filter and Stick

Features of the finum® 100-Cup Size Filters with Stick

• 100 Filters + 1 Stick
• Aromatreu white paper (chlorine-free)
• With double bottom-fold.
• Biodegradable

Finum 4 Filter SticksHINT: I suggest also buying the finum® 4-Filter Stick Package so that friends can brew their own tea at gatherings. This makes a great conversation item and also saves money. Buying loose tea is less expensive that pre-made tea bags. Also the finum® Tea Filters are chlorine-free and biodegradable.

BUY finum® Filter Sticks

finum® offers a wide variety of filter sizes to provide each tea enthusiast the chance to enjoy their loose tea any size cup. And finum®'s paper tea filters are oxygen bleached paper and famous for its unique true-flavor filtering qualities. The tea filter bags are chlorine free and biodegradable. A double-fold bottom on each filter provides the tea leaves enough room for its flavor to fully develop.

BUY the finum® 100-Cup Size Filters and Stick

finum® Tea Click
Finum Tea Filter with Tea Click

The finum® Tea Click Fitted onto a Finum Tea Filter

The finum® Tea Click is a clever option for closing and suspending larger finum® Tea Bag Filters when using ceramic pots or larger brewing containers.

How to Use the Finum Tea Click

Simply use both thumbs and push the click outwards (against the curve) until it opens.

Fill one of the larger finum® Tea Bags with loose tea, fold the bag closed, press the Tea Click over the closed end and press clip closed.

Finum Tea Click in Use!

Place the tea filled filter in the teapot, and fasten the hook end onto the rim of the pot.

Once the tea has brewed, simply unhook the bag from the teapot and remove tea bag from clip.

Reuse the finum® Tea Click over and over when brewing those special pots of tea.

Finum Tea Click on Teapot

finum® Tea Click Features

♥ Each package includes one "Click"
♥ Made of stainless steel
♥ Flexible chain hooks that attaches to almost every teapot.


BUY the finum® Tea Click


Betty Morgan, Chez Bettay, the Vegan Gourmet
Chez Bettay

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