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Vegan Tool Review

French Cut Green Beans - FAST
The Norpro Bean Frencher

Norpro Bean Frencher

With the holiday entertaining season just around the corner, I thought you’d appreciate this kitchen tool that makes French cut green beans FAST! Yes, with a few cranks of the Norpro Bean Frencher, you can slice a 32-ounce bag of Haricot Verts in less than five minutes. And you won't have to learn French to operate the Norpro 5125 Bean Frencher.

The Norpro Bean Frencher clamped easily to my Ikea stainless steel island and a barstool parked beneath the Frencher held a bowl to catch the perfectly Frenched green beans with each crank of the blades. You’ll need a ledge that is 1.25 inches thick to fit the clamp onto. Simply feed string beans into the hopper, while cranking the blades with the handle. This Frencher's stainless steel blades quickly and neatly slice each bean into tender slivers that would be right at home on the streets of Paris. The hopper is 1.25 inches wide to accommodate several beans at once, making the job go faster.

Video of the Norpro Bean Frencher in Action

AVOID The Gears

To create the perfectly thin slices of fresh green beans using the Norpro Bean French, it is important to keep the beans away from the gears on the crank side of the hopper. You'll see them as you watch the video. The gears will chew-up the beans and create rough edges rather than cuts to the beans. This is why a few beans at a time are better that cramming in a handful at a time!

Size and Storagthe Norpro of Bean Frencher

The Norpro Bean Frencher has a heavy duty cast aluminum construction with stainless steel cutting blades.  And the handle and clamp disassembles for easy minimal storage for small spaces. I keep mine in a labeled Ikea cardboard box so I can always find it. The unit measures 3.5L x 3.5w x 3.5H inches and weighs 2.13 pounds.

Tools for Cutting

counter ledge: clamps securely to any surface up to 1 1/4" thick
Norpro Bean Frencher
soft cleaning brush

Tender French Beans

I used Haricots Verts, 32 ounce bag.

      Norpro Bean Frencher

How to Clean the Norpro Bean Frencher

Give the Norpro Bean Frencher a good rinse and twirl the crank to get any green bits to release from the crevices in the plastic tumbler.

Use a soft brush to gently clean the blades.

Lay the cleaned Norpro Bean Frencher onto a dry cloth towel and let air dry.


To insure protection of the sharp blades, it is wise to store the Norpro Bean Frencher in a drawer or storage box where the blades will not be damaged. I use a box from Ikea that I labeled “Bean Frencher.”


I highly recommend the Norpro Bean Frencher. It's a great way to get helpers in the kitchen and saves time in creating classical French styled green beans.

BUY the Norpro Bean Frencher.

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"Norpro French Bean Slicer"

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