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Butler Soy Curls

Butler Foods,
Soy Curls™

There are so many well proven benefits to incorporating soy in the diet.  
In fact, the FDA has recommended that, "Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of heart disease. Imagine, one 3/4 cup rehydrated serving of Soy Curls™ provides 7 grams of soy protein."

No Chemicals or Additives
Soy Curls are unique in that they contain all the fiber of the soybean. Many soy products contain soy isolates or otherwise fractionated. And in many cases chemicals are used in the process. Soy Curls™ are in a class by themselves, as they contain the whole soybean.  Soy Curls™ are all natural, contain no preservatives, or additives, and contain all the fiber.

The Whole Soybean
Soy Curls are made from select whole soybeans. It could be likened to the difference between white bread and whole wheat bread.

Easy to COOK
Soy Curls™ can be used in almost any dish to replace any animal protein. After soaking the Soy Curls™ in warm water for 10 minutes, drain the water off and squeeze out as much of the water as you can with your hands or on a kitchen towel.

For hot entrees, add the soaked Soy Curls™ to a heavy bottomed skillet with some mince garlic and finely chopped onion and sauté over medium high heat. Now the magic begins! Simply add your favorite seasonings:
teriyaki sauce
fajita or taco seasonings
nutritional yeast flakes
tamari sauce.

Simmer the seasoned Soy Curls™ till browned.

Spoon over or combine with vegetables, rices, pizzas, sandwiches, enchiladas, tacos, soups, pasta, curries, the recipe possibilities are endless for vegan chefs.

Soy Curls™ by themselves lack any flavor, just like tofu. It's the seasonings that wake up the Soy Curls™.

No GMO or Pesticides
David Butler, owner of Butler Foods, tells me that Soy Curls™ are created from non-GMO soy beans grown without pesticides on a family farm in Iowa. After soaking the beans in pure spring water, they are rolled and cooked for about 15 seconds in an extruder cooker and dried at a low temperature to keep the nutrients intact.

No solvents or chemicals are used in the creation of Soy Curls™.

When the soy bean is texturized, the protein fibers become elongated. This is similar to what happens when dough is kneaded in bread making. The gluten in the wheat is worked into longer fibers permitting the action of the yeast to cause the bread to rise. Of course, Soy Curls™ are gluten free and do NOT contain yeast.

Nutritional Facts
Butler Foods, Soy Curls™

Serving Size: 1/2 cup, dry
Re-hydrated: 3/4 cup, wet
Calories: 70
Calories from Fat: 25
Protein: 7 grams

Delicately Textured Select Soybeans

Vegan Salads 101
Soy Curls™ Chicken Salad
Butler Soy Curls
Butler Soy Curls™ are magical! They are great to keep in the pantry for any quick meal, soooo economical and great for when there's nothing else in the freezer or refrigerator. Butler Soy Curls™ Chicken Salad is a quick and dirty version that I tried. At first I thought it wouldn't match the White Wave Chicken Salad, but I was pleasantly surprised. The texture and taste of the Butler Soy Curls was close in texture to real chicken. Give it a try and you tell me how you liked it.

If you like this recipe, check out my Crispy Sweet Sour Chicken-Style Butler Soy Curls™ recipe.

2 cups of Butler Soy Curls™
cold water
1 tablespoon vegan "no-chicken" or vegetable powdered soup mix
1 organic tart & firm apple, grated
3/4 cup organic celery, finely sliced
4 green onions "scallions", finely sliced
1/2 cup Vegenaise or Homemade Mayo
2 tablespoons organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon agave nectar
1/2 teaspoon Hawaiian sea salt
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes, optional

large mixing bowl
bowl for Butler Soy Curls™
mandoline slicer
measuring spoons
measuring cups
large spoon

The Butler Foods Soy Curls™
In a small bowl, measure out 2 cups of Butler Soy Curls™, cover with cold water, and soak for 8 to 10 minutes to rehydrate. I use cold water so that the Chicken Salad will be cold when served. You could presoak the Soy Curls the night before, drain and refrigerate overnight.
butler soy curls
After 10 minutes, remove the Butler Soy Curls™ from their water bath and drain them on a kitchen towel. Press as much liquid out of them as you can.
butler soy curls rehydrated
Place the Soy Curls in a large bowl and sprinkle with the "no-chicken" or vegetable powdered soup base.

Toss till all the pieces are coated evenly.

Put the Butler Soy Curls into a large mixing bowl.

Grate an apple into the bowl.

Using a mandoline slicer set on the thinnest setting, slice 3/4 cup of the celery into the bowl.

Add the finely sliced scallions.
butler soy curl chicken salad
The Chicken Salad Dressing
In a large Pyrex measuring cup, add the Vegenaise, apple cider, agave nectar, salt and crushed red pepper.

Whisk until combined and pour over the Butler Soy Curls, apple, celery and scallions.

With a large spoon or your clean hands, mix the bowl contents until all are coated with the dressing.

You may add more Vegenaise and organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar to suit your taste buds.
butler soy curl chicken salad
Serve immediately on top of some finely sliced iceberg lettuce or on your favorite bread for a fabulous Butler Soy Curls™ No Chicken Salad Sandwich.

Betty Morgan, Chez Bettay, the Vegan Gourmet
Chez Bettay

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"No animals were harmed or killed in the creation of this recipe!"

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