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Vegan Health
How to Treat Kitchen Burns
How to Treat Kitchen Burns
During our scouting trip to Portland, Oregon trying to find new offices for and, I prepared dinner and breakfast in our hotel room. I used a portable gas butane stove and on the second day in Portland, I leaned over to reach for the spatula behind the burner and burned the underside of my forearm on the edge of a hot skillet.

At first, it looked like the burn wasn't very bad... but it soon filled with fluid and was a definite blistered area. I tried to be careful not to scrape it, but the inevitable happened. We packed up the car to go to a new location and when we started off, a small suitcase fell forward and as I reached for it, I scraped off the skin layer over the burn. OUCH!

Kitchen Burn Treated with Scivolutions Doctor's Choice Advanced Wound Care Self-Adhering Pads

Kitchen Burn First Aid

The newly exposed burned area kept touching and rubbing against my clothing due to the location of the wound. Needless to say, the area was painful and became inflamed from the constant irritation. It hurt so much that I was miserable. So my husband, RobART took me to a RiteAid Store to get me something fora first aid treatment. My idea was to get someantiseptic cream and gauze. But because of the pain, I couldn't even discern the best choices.

Scivolutions Doctor's Choice Advanced Wound Care

RobART was very discerning and found a product we had never heard of before called Scivolutions that he wanted me to buy and use... I protested that my gauze and ointment was all that was needed, but he persisted and made me purchase the Scivolutions. And boy, he was RIGHT!

I cleaned and dried the burned area and selected the largest Scivoultions gel pad to place over the burned area. The Scivolutions pad is a hydrocolloid: a substance that forms a gel in the presence of water, example of which are used in surgical dressings and in various industrial applications.

The pain was totally eliminated. Really, no pain. It was like I had NEW SKIN! The next day we had reservations at a hot springs spa and I thought the entire two days would be ruined because the HEAT would be miserable for a burn. Well, with this magical patch, I was able to swim in the pool and soak in the hot mineral tub with NO PAIN. I even got a massage.

My arm after removing the Scivolutions Doctor's Choice Bandage on day 5 after all the hot water from the mineral springs. It looks painful, but was only tender, as soon as the second patch was applied, NO PAIN or discomfort. The only reason I removed it was because the edges were loose from all the aquatic activities. I replaced the patch and it stayed on for a week and I have no scar.

First Aid Emergency Kit
Needless to say, the Doctor's Choice´┐Ż Burns, Scalds, & Abrasions Hydrocolloid Bandages are in our home and travel first aid kit so that any burn can be treated immediately.

The Scivolutions adhesive turns into a gel over the wound site and helps restore the skin’s natural moisture level. For optimal natural healing the bandage "manages" itself - once the gel is saturated, it falls off pain free. You can use a new bandage if necessary. The skin is a barrier to protect the body, when it’s damaged the victim is subject to fluid loss and infections. Scivolutions Gel Bandages provide maximum comfort and flexibility, while being slim & discreet.

Each Scivolutions pad provides an anaesthetic effect (hypoallergenic adhesive covers damaged nerve endings). Less pain throughout the healing process. No hard scab forms. The bandage absorbs excess moisture and adds extra protection by forming a gel cushion to trap natural healing fluids, creating a humid environment. It breathes - which lets excess moisture evaporate and repels water dirt & germs that cause infection.

Doctor’s Choice Burn, Scald & Abrasion Bandages by Scivolutions must only be used in cases of 1st degree burns or abrasions.

For a first degree burn or scald or an abrasion:
The bandage is used to reduce pain and to begin the healing process. In this case: cool the burn a few minutes under running water and clean the reddened area, then dry carefully and protect with Doctor’s Choice Burn, Scald & Abrasion bandages.

It is recommended to warm the bandage with the hand when applying, since the area is inflamed and sensitive, this improves the adhesivity without pressing down significantly on the wound site.

Doctor’s Choice Burn, Scald & Abrasion Bandages by Scivolutions detaches itself and should not be removed by patient unless bandage is no longer adhering to burn surface, in that case gently remove and replace if necessary.

Doctor’s Choice Burn, Scald & Abrasion bandages are designed for multi-day use. They may, however, come off very quickly if the burn, scald or abrasion is weeping (fluids) continuously. The bandage functions similar to a sponge, absorbing fluids while it retains your body’s natural fluids to rebuild your epidermal (skin) layers and restore your skin’s natural moisture level.

Before cleaning the burn, wash hands with soap & water to avoid infections.

Medical professionals only: If you wish to burst the blister in order to remove dead skin, make sure the instruments (scissors, needle) are cleaned with an antiseptic solution.


Doctor’s Choice has three different sizes and shapes specifically adapted for different size burns & scalds and abrasions, as well as one specifically created for small burns on fingers and facial areas such as forehead, neck and ears (for burns caused by curling irons).

Regular/Facial (item # 50208) size: hands, toes, fingers, (neck, face, forehead & ears - product is designed for curling iron minor burns - Only use after consulting a medical or dermatological professional), small burns and all small body burns and abrasions.

Large and Extra Large size: Various 1st degree burns, scalds and abrasions on various parts of the arms, legs & body.

Directions for Use
Skin & wound site must be free of lotions & creams. Clean & dry wound, then apply strip.

Position of Bandage
1 - Peel open the printed outer wrapper and carefully remove the 1st protective backing paper.

2 - Position the hydrocolloid bandage centrally and completely over the wound area, (the entire strip is the pad, the adhesive will become a gel over the wound site). Remove the 2nd protective paper and smooth the bandage onto the skin.

3 - Once applied, warm the back of the bandage with your hand for 1 minute to reinforce adhesion.

4 - Use each bandage only 1 time.

Minor Burns (not VEGAN)

For a simple kitchen burn, I use Bye Bye Burns by Seagate in a 2 ounce Liquid Spray Bottle. It works immediately to relieve any pain and no bandage is needed.

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"First Aid for Kitchen Burns!" 

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