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Healthy Chairs for Home and Office

      Zero Gravity Chair
The Zero Gravity Perfect Chair

This is my favorite "take-a-break-chair" in our offices... the Zero Gravity Perfect Chair is not only comfortable, but healthful for my body. When in the reclined position, all the weight is off my spine and my feet are higher than my heart. This position is restorative to my aging body and gives instant relief to any back pains or tensions. Go to one of Ultimate Backstores in your area and give this chair a test drive! You'll instantly feel the difference it makes... this makes a great television viewing chair and it's perfect for napping.

BUY the PC-075 Power Electric Recline Perfect Zero Gravity Chair Recliner Dark Walnut Wood with Black Leather by Human Touch  

The Aeron® Chair... The Rolls Royce of Chairs
Herman Miller created a chair called the Aeron® that has been an ergonomic classic copied by lots of companies... but never really duplicated. It comes in three sizes to fit whatever your body type. And the variety of adjustments allow the owner to customize the fit for their personal needs.

Fabulous Adjustments
All of our workstation chairs are The Aeron® Chair. The adjustments that I really love are the seat angles and the padded arm adjustments. This is perhaps the best ergonomic chair I've ever had the privilege to own. The mesh fabric on the seat and back means my back is never sweaty in the summer and never cold in the winter... the air conditioning and heating circulated all around me when seated at my desk. And the mesh fabric is easy to clean if I spill my espresso or snacks.

The lumbar adjustments make this a dream chair for those long days at the computer creating the Chez Bettay web pages and editing the photographs. There are two types of lumbar support systems. It's my contention that men's bodies are designed for the PostureFit System and women's bodies fit the factory lumbar... but that's my observation. In any case, you will want to test drive both to make sure you have the best lumbar support for your body.

Small, Medium, and Large Sizes
The Aeron® Chair is available in three distinct sizes, small (A), medium (B) and large (C). You'll need to try out each size to make sure the fit is perfect for you. If you buy it from The Ultimate Back Store, they will help you choose the right model size.

Worth Every Dollar Spent
My Aeron® Chair is 8 years old and looks like the day I bought it. This chair is an investment and worth every penny spent.

A 12-Year Herman Miller Warranty comes with every chair.

BUY the Aeron Chair - Highly Adjustable Model with Graphite Frame Classic Carbon with Lumbar Support Size C  

The Human Touch Massage Chair
The Human Touch Massage Chair is the perfect bridge between state-of-the-art technology and the ancient healing art of massage. It’s a key ingredient for a balanced life, conveniently designed for use in an office, the living room, or a media room. Just a few minutes in this chair will revitalize you and cause greater productivity in the office or at home.

Featuring the very latest Robotic Massage system, the Human Touch Massage Chair emulates the same techniques used by massage and chiropractic professionals for back and spinal care. Superior technology, combined with a wide variety of massage modes and sleek design, means that the Human Touch Massage Chair will be a permanent fixture in our home and office for years to come. This massage chair is an elegant looking club chair in an upright position and is comfortable to sit in without the massage. I often use it when using my laptop. You won't find any other massage chair that massages like this one or is comfortable to just sitting like The Human Touch Massage Chair.

Added Feature: HEAT
One of the added features of this chair is HEAT! Yes, now in the winter months you can not only get massaged, but warmed up as well.

Interior Decorators
The Human Touch Massage Chair is the only massage chair that looks great in an office or at home... all the other choices look like astronaut chairs and don't fit into any decor that I like.This chair can be used free-standing in a room as the back is fully upholstered... that means it will look terrific no matter where you position it in your home, office or media room. But don't take my word for it, go to any Ultimate Back Store and test drive it for yourself and you will see and feel exactly what I mean!

The Human Touch Massage Chair Features
• Eight pre-programmed sessions enhance your health and well-being: Full Body Sore Muscle Relief; Sports & Back Therapy; Leg-Foot-Hip Therapy; Neck-Shoulders Relief; After-Work Stretch; Morning Wake-Up and Nighttime Soothing.

• Programs are accompanied by the Acupoint Detection System to ensure an accurate, personally targeted massage.

• Footrest automatically rotates to reveal the foot and calf massager. Integrated wave vibration circulates blood to your heart, while acupoints under your soles will help soothe and rejuvenate tired feet and legs.

• Select from two automatic programs or three speeds for a stimulating foot and calf massage.

• Upholstered in top grain leather; space age viscoelastic foam in the one-inch seat cushion makes this as comfortable as any easy chair on the market!

• Power recline slowly lowers the backrest to an almost horizontal position (170 degrees). Monitor the massage programs with the two-sided remote control that features a blue LED display and massage session countdown timer.

• Extended in-home/in-office warranty for maintenance and repair available.

BUY the Human Touch HT-9500 AcuTouch Massage Chair in Espresso Premium Leather 100-9500-002  


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"The Zero Gravity, Aeron Office Chair, and Human Touch Massage Chairs"

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