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H2Go - A Portable Alkaline
Water Purifier
H2Go formerly Waterman Pitcher

Two years ago I read The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health, written by Robert O. Young and learned about alkaline water and foods producing a healthier body. Because my kitchen does not have a faucet to attach an ionizer/alkaline water machine, I started researching an alternative. I found a portable unit that works perfectly and provides alkaline/ionized water no matter where we go.

Formerly called the "Waterman Pitcher" the H2Go has been repackaged to include pH testing drops so that you can see just how incredible this little pitcher really is in creating healthful alkaline and ionized water at home or when traveling!

The H2Go Portable Alkaline Water Purifier is the unique portable solution to safe drinking water. Its central cartridge contains alkaline minerals, magnets and filter medium. It re-mineralizes and ionizes ordinary tap water while filtering out chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria. The H2Go is easy to use. Simply fill it up, drink it down, or take it with you to immediately enjoy the benefits of fresh alkaline hydration on the go. The H2Go makes it easy to drink two liters of healthful water every day.

H2Go Features
Bio-ceramic filter reduces impurities - chlorine, heavy metals, insecticides and other impurities

Eliminates E.Coli, B. Subtilis, S. Aurene

Quickly re-mineralizes tap water with alkaline mineral cartridge

Clean, fresh tasting water

Portable for hiking, sports, travel, in flight, gym, camping, school and work

Economical and easy hydration – avoid expensive bottled waters

No landfill waste from discarded shop-bought water bottles

Filters up to 800 liters and has a replaceable filter cartridge

Compact size, lightweight - no electricity or tap connection required

Creates water with an ORP of up to -250 (will vary based on source water)

PH Test for Alkaline Water LevelsAlkalize Your Water
Stress and overconsumption of processed, acidic foods and drinks disturb the blood's natural alkaline balance of pH 7.4. This balance is critical to preserving good health and immunity as degenerative disease thrives in an acidic environment.

The H2Go minerals produce an alkaline pH to the filtered water. It efficiently delivers fresh, easy-to-drink alkaline water, wherever you are. It is light weight, compact, and easy to take it with you so that you never need to go thirsty or drink acid drinks again. The taste is excellent.

IonsIonize Your Water
Beneficial negative ions abound in nature in good quality air and some naturally-occurring minerals. The minerals in the H2Go filter significantly reduce the positive ion count of the tap water filtered through its filter medium.

The H2Go filter significantly reduces chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria from tap water. Water quality tests show that the H2Go removes up to 99% of H2Go Water Filter Cartridgechlorine - a harsh, unpleasant tasting, toxic chemical used to disinfect bacteria in municipal tap water, and 85% of fluoride, a heavy metal industrial by-product.

To help remove and prevent the propagation of harmful bacteria, the H2Go filter contains magnets, silver-activated carbon and somelite coral sand. The result? Cleaner, healthier, great tasting drinking water for you or your family's hydration needs. Pets too.

H2Go Water Filter ContainerPortable
Completely portable and lightweight, the H2Go goes where you go. It fills easily from any tap, making it great for hiking, sports, travel, gym and work use. Rather than carrying the weight of a lot of heavy water when traveling, carry the H2Go, and filter as you go. You can also ensure everyone is adequately hydrated in the family by filling recycled bottles at home to take H2Go water to school or work. No electricity is needed.

The somelite coral sand in the H2Go filter has a dual purpose. It filters AND re-mineralizes water, working together with bioceramics to enrich water with essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.

A mineral-deficient diet can contribute to significant health problems, causing mental and physical symptoms that affect everyday behavior. A good source of mineral-rich hydration, together with proper nutrition, can give the body minerals it needs to stay in good health.

H2Go Removes Water Impurities
% of Impurities Removed in Tap Water
Aluminum 97.5%
Cadmium 97.3%
Chlorine 99.0%
Lead 98.2%
Nitrate 85.0%
Zinc 97.5%

Specifications of H2Go
Height: 190mm/5.75 inches
Weight: 350g
Materials: ABS plastic and PET
Diameter of base: 100mm
Capacity: 600ml/2.5 cups

H2GO Package Contents
H2Go Portable Water Ionizer
Ph reagent

          H2Go Water Filter Cartridges
H2Go Water Filter Cartridges

BUY H2gO Portable Alkaline Water Purifier Replacement Filters, 3 Count

First-Time H2Go Filter Use
Soak the H2Go Before UsingSoak the Filter
Before using a new H2Go for the first time, cover and soak the filter cartridge in a bowl of cold tap water for at least five minutes.

Shake the H2Go Filter
Remove the H2Go Filter from the soaking water and shake vigorously four to five times till you hear the contents shake freely.

Flush Till Clear
Insert the H2Go Filter into the bottle lid and fill it with tap water at least two or three times to remove any filter medium particles. You may use this flushing water on plants or elsewhere, but not for drinking.

How to Use the H2Go Portable Alkaline Water Filter
H2Go Guide
Open the funnel cap and remove the filter holder cap.

Place the funnel cap into the filter holder. Fill the H2Go with water and watch it pass through the filter. Once done, close the filter holder cap.

Only Use Tap Water
Do not use the H2Go with biologically unsafe water sources. It is designed for municipal tap water.

H2GO Travel and Use Tips
First Time Use
You have to pull hard to get the cap off when you first get it. If it still doesn't come off, keep trying [gently prying with fingers and pulling] ...it will eventually come off. On the bright side, after the first use, the cap pops on and off easily.

DO NOT Overfill the H2Go Pitcher.
If you do, the water will stop filtering at some point and just stay there. Try to get the feel of just the right amount of water to put in at a time. I have found that about 8 - 10 ounces at a time is just right.

Water Flow Stops
If the water-flow ever appears to stop, and it's not due to over-filling, empty out the water and give the unit a few good shakes until you hear or feel the filter contents move. Fill again and see the difference a SHAKE makes... I do this at least once a week regardless.

WARNING: Don't put any part of the H2Go pitcher in the dishwasher [top or bottom rack]. It is NOT dishwasher safe.

Test Your H2Go Water
Depending on your source water, the H2Go filter may need changing prior to 600 liters. I suggest that after a month of use you test your filtered water with the pH drops that came with your pitcher to ensure it's still filtering and ionizing at the proper levels.

UPDATE: I altered the filter slot of a well-known water filter company that uses cartridges that look the same as the H2Go. I found an inexpensive version of their pitcher and chiseled the cross bars off because the H2Go cartridges are longer. Once the opening was created, the H2Go cartridge slipped snuggly right into position. It works perfectly and allows me to filter a liter of water with each filling.

And of course, I still take the H2Go Portable Unit with me whenever on trips.

I use H2Go for ALL our drinking and cooking water, so I replace the cartridge every 2 months on average. The water still tests alkaline, but the taste changes, so I know it's time to change the filter. Write the date of installation written on the lid of the filter box so you know when the last one was installed.

Secure the Lid
When traveling with a full H2Go, make sure the blue cap that seals the water is firmly in place, or it will leak.

Save $$
H2Go saves considerable time and money by not having to buy or store bottled water each day.

Slow Flow - SHAKE
When the water flow through the H2Go slows down, vigorously shake the cartridge and fill the bottle again and test the water with the test kit to insure the filter is still alkalizing the water.

Keep Filter WET
NEVER let the filter dry out after you have started using the H2Go, store it full when not in use.

Flush & Shake Before Use
If the H2Go has not been used for several days, flush it out at least once and discard this water.  Shake the filter to loosen any filter media that may have settled which can cause slow flow.

Discard After 12 Months
No water filter should be kept longer than 12 months as bacteria may build up to unacceptable levels. Write down and keep the date you started using the H2Go Filter.

H2go Replacement Water FilterH2Go for Cooking
Don't forget to use the H2Go in the kitchen for cooking, beverages and ice cubes.

Pets benefit from alkaline hydration too.

Save Landfills
H2Go Users DO NOT contribute to landfill with over consumption of store-bought plastic bottles used once and then thrown out.

BUY the H2Go Portable Alkaline Water Filter

BUY H2gO Portable Alkaline Water Purifier Replacement Filters, 3 Count

How to Make the Brita Water Pitcher Fit the H2Go Filters for Larger Amounts of Alkaline Water

Brita Slim Water Pitcher The H2Go Portable Alkaline Water Purifier does not make enough alkaline water fast enough for my husband and I when we are at home. One day I was cleaning out my cabinets and found some old Brita Filters and an old Brita Pitcher. I noticed that the filters looked a lot like H2Go, so I measured the top and realized that they are the same size. But when I tried to put it into the Brita Pitcher, the crossbars at the bottom keep it from seating into the reservoir lip. So I decided to risk breaking the pitcher and got assorted tools to help me cut the crossbars out.

The H2Go Water Filter on the left and the Brita Water Filter on the right.

Tops of the H2Go and Brita Water Filters
Tops of the H2Go and Brita Water Filters

Water Filter Sizes
The H2Go Water Filter is LONGER than the Brita Water Filter, so the cross bars in the bottom of the Brita Pitcher keeps the filter from slipping all the way down and sealing properly.

Take Your Time
Armed with assorted tools, I cut the barrier in the bottom out of the filter holder to allow the H2Go Filter slip snuggly into place. As you can see, I broke a section of plastic off, but it doesn't affect the water filtering from the upper reservoir.

Cracked Plastic Does NOT Affect Filtering the water.

Large Quantities of Alkaline Water
Once the H2Go Filter was in place, I now can filter a liter of water at a time while cooking or cleaning the kitchen. I then pour the filtered alkaline water into storage containers so that I always have fresh alkaline water ready to drink.

Inexpensive Brita Slim Water Pitcher Fitted with the H2Go Filter.
Inexpensive Brita Slim Water Pitcher Fitted with the H2Go Filter... sticks out slightly.

BUY the Brita Slim Water Filter Pitcher

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"H2Go: the Portable Alkaline Water Purifier"

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