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The Flowbee Haircutting System
    Flowbee Hair Cutting System

"Your hair is so beautiful and the haircut is wonderful. Do you mind if I ask who your hairdresser is?" I'm asked this question almost every time I leave my home. And I answer, "Okay, I cut my hair myself and I use a FLOWBEE Haircutting System. You know, the thing you attach to your vacuum cleaner and it sucks and cuts your hair in one action! No mess and no mistakes!"

Flowbee Haircutting System
This revolutionary home haircutting system cuts your hair evenly into the recessed blades and trims it precisely. The results are a refreshing vacuum haircut.

The suction power of your home vacuum cleaner draws the hair evenly into the recessed blades and cuts it precisely. There are assorted fittings that create straight or angled cuts. With a simple up and down bounce motion over the entire head, the hair is cut into whatever style you choose.

I owned beauty salons for 20 years and worked with highly trained hair stylists over that period of time. And at a beauty show in 1989, I saw the Flowbee used in a booth demonstrating the haircut styles on one head after another. They were pulling people out of the convention hotel, staff workers and finally people off the street. They make it look so easy, that the hairstylists watching were not happy! In fact ALL of them had their arms folded while watching the demonstrations.

I didn't buy a Flowbee until I quit the salon business in 1990. Because I hated paying for a haircut, I decided to buy one for myself and my husband and son's haircuts. It worked so well that I was able to train the MEN to cut their own hair. After using the Flowbee, we trim the back neck line and over the ears with scissors while standing in the shower. It's a "trip to use" the Flowbee and worth every penny spent.

The Advantages of a Flowbee Haircut
With the Flowbee, I never have hair poking me in the neck or under my shirt. There's never hair clippings to clean-up and plastic or nylon bibs don't have to be used. And I never look like I just got a haircut. My pocketbook is thicker with the savings of three family haircuts every four weeks. No time is wasted making a salon appointment, driving to the salon, and waiting for my stylist. I simply cut it with the Flowbee, step into the shower, call my husband to trim the back neckline and over my ears with scissors, shampoo my hair, shave my neck and shower. What could be easier? And the haircut only takes about 5 minutes.

The FLOWBEE Precision Haircut System allows you to create the most popular haircut styles... all one length, layered, the wedge, etc. FLOWBEE can cut your hair from 1/2" to 6" long in any 1/4" increments. Simply select the desired spacer depending on the length you want your haircut. Then attach the spacer to your Flowbee. Haircut styles of your choice are easy and clean. Longer than 6" haircut is possible with the additional purchase of more spacers at Flowbee.

An Overview of the Flowbee Haircutting System

The Flowbee has also introduced an efficiency never before known in the haircutting industry. A precision layered cut can be achieved in 5-10 minutes, with no clean up necessary when you are finished. As for cost savings, there is no comparison to the Flowbee. For most families, the Flowbee will pay for itself in just a few months and it will last for years!

The Flowbee Precision Haircutting System is guaranteed to perform hundreds of precision haircuts, yet it can pay for itself in just a few months. Just follow the easy, step-by-step instruction manual included with each Flowbee and, the savings begin with the very first haircut. Easy Setup, No Cleanup... Just Great Haircuts

The days of towels, brooms and dust pans are gone. With the Flowbee Precision Haircutting System all of the trimmed hair goes directly into your vacuum, there are no more itchy necks or messes to sweep up afterwards.

The Flowbee is so neat and efficient that you can give yourself a trim just minutes before a party or that important business meeting!

Never Look Like You Need A Haircut...
Never Look Like You Just Had A Haircut!

The beauty of the Flowbee Precision Haircutting System is that it keeps hair at just the right length… all the time. Now you can trim your hair as often as necessary to keep that perfect look. Never again will your hair be too long and unmanageable. Never again will you have that "just - got - a - haircut" look! Now your hair can look the way you always want it to look… all the time!

Easy set-up and clean-up

Great for the entire family

Instruction booklet

Flowbee Hair Cutting System Box
Flowbee Box Contents
• 1 Flowbee Head with Hose
• Transformer
• Spacers (to adjust hair length)
? 2 − 2” Spacers
? 2 − 1” Spacers
? 2 − 1/2” Spacers
? 2 − 1/2” Angle Spacers
? 1 - Angle Foot
? 1 - Straight Foot
• 1 Bottle of Flowbee Lubricant
• Universal Vacuum Adapter
• User Guide
• Warranty Card

Flowbee Hair Cutting System in Use
Getting Started
Step 1 - The Spacers
Familiarize yourself with the spacers, they are the key to a great-looking haircut. Each spacer has two tabs and two slots that interlock. Practice putting them together and taking them apart.

HINT: Gently pinch the center of the spacer near the tabs while holding the other piece at the ends.

Step 2 - Setting the Length
Starting at the top of the head, elect the proper spacer by holding the spacer or combination of spacers with the foot attached against the head. Then change spacers until 1/2 inch of hair or less extends above the spacer. Keep trying until you get the right combination for the amount of hair you’ll want to cut off.

Step 3 - Connect the Hose and Transformer
Look over the entire unit and get familiar with the cutter, transformer, and how they work with the vacuum cleaner.

The hose has a large end with blades recessed and this is the cutter. The small end of the hose connects directly to your vacuum using the universal vacuum hose adapter (the giant rubber band) to insure a tight fit.

The transformer box plugs into the wall and the other end connects to a receptacle at the other end of the Flowbee hose that is connected to the vacuum.

Flowbee Extenders for Long Hair CuttingStep 4 - Lubricate the Blades
It’s important to apply 3 small drops of Flowbee lubricant to the cutting blades every time you use it. This will keep the blades lubricated and sharp. If you run out of the lubricant, you can purchase a bottle of inexpensive clipper oil from K-Mart or Target.

Step 5 - Cut the Longest Hair First
Start with the top of the head, cutting the longest hair first. Attach the spacers you’ve selected in Step 2, then turn on both your vacuum cleaner and the Flowbee Head.

Move the Flowbee over the head in a bouncing motion. You’ll see the hair being sucked up into the spacers and then getting cut. Remember, BOUNCE, no rocking or pulling over the scalp.

Step 6 - Cut the Sides
Flowbee Hair Cutting SystemMeasure the length you want to cut from the sides and remove or add spacers accordingly. Hold the Flowbee so the spacers are kept vertical to the head. This provides the best transition from the length on the top of the head to the length on the sides.

IMPORTANT: If you switch hands when cutting the opposite side, you will want to flip the angle attachment so that the angle cuts are the same on both sides.

Step 7 - The Neck Line and Over the Ears
Attach the angled spacer so that the along side of that spacer matches the longest part of the spacers used on the side of the head. Use the angled spacers to trim over and around the ears and nape of the neck to give that tapered professional style.

Step 8 - Scissors, Comb and Razor
My husband cuts his hair very short and when he is finished I trim the back along the neck line and over his ears. We both shave our necks everyday so that we always look professional and well-groomed.

Note: I wear the top of my hair longer and I prefer to cut the neck and sides first and then do the top. If you do the same, you’ll need clips to hold the longer hair up and out of the way to prevent it from getting sucked into the blades.

Important Tips
Use a high-powered vacuum… we have a Dyson.

Apply three small drops of lubricant on the blades before each haircut.

The Flowbee cuts best with DRY CLEAN hair. (Afro-type hair will not work with the Flowbee.)

Use a “BOUNCE-Motion” when cutting… do NOT go back and forth.

When taking apart or putting together spacers, squeeze the one with the tabs in the middle, then push or pull it while holding the spacer with the slots at the ends.

Never use the Flowbee without a spacer attached. The vacuum can suck scalp skin into the blade and cut it if used without the spacer.

For safety purposes, if the electricity went out and hair was in the blades, there is a blade knob on the top of the Flowbee head that can be turned manually to release any hair held by the blades.

Backed by the manufacturer's one-year warranty

For Individual Flowbee parts (which we do not sell) please call the manufacturer directly at: 361.939.9908.

BUY the Flowbee In Retail Box (As Seen On TV)

Betty Morgan, Chez Bettay, the Vegan Gourmet
Chez Bettay

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"The Flowbee Hair Cutting System"

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