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Here are a few sites designed by Betty Morgan:
Rob-ART Morgan's Biblical Christian Cartoons with devotionals.
Rob-ART and Betty Morgan's personal experiences in "How to Care for Aging Parents".
Dr. Joe Morgan tells his personal Pearl Harbor Story, "From Fear to Forgiveness" with words and photos.
Affordable Mirrors provides large mirror installations for homes and businesses.
"Connecting People with God and Each Other... Changing Lives."

The Professional Manicure Bible
- by Betty Morgan

The Professional Manicure Bible, written by Betty Morgan.
Yes, before going into graphic arts, I once owned several beauty salons: "Nails by Betty Burns" in Hillcrest, CA, "Betty Burns et Cie" in La Jolla, CA, "Nails by Betty Burns" in Ocean Beach, CA and "Nails by Betty Morgan" in Mill Valley, CA.

During that time, I trained hundreds of manicurists all over the world how to apply acrylic nails, how to perform special beauty treatments for hands and feet, and how to spot, treat or avoid nail fungus and allergic reactions. With hundreds of color slides taken over my career as a manicurist (nail technician), I was able to show manicurists what to look for and what to avoid with regard to nail care.

In 1985 I published, The Professional Manicure Bible. It teaches professional secrets of caring for fingernails, hands, feet and toenails with detail steps and photographs. If you are a professional, you'll enjoy the business secrets that I share for creating more income for your salon.

Techniques for Manicures and Pedicures
Many of the product companies listed in The Professional Manicure Bible are no longer in business, but the techniques for manicures and pedicures will give insights that are rarely shared or taught. Learn how to create fabulous fingernails and toenails on every page. This book will also insure that as a client you will receive the BEST services during your salon visits... you'll know the truth and be able to ask the right questions about nail services.

Rare Book Collector's
Published in 1985, The Professional Manicure Bible is an 8.5"x11" paperback book with over 300 detailed black and white photographs. This comprehensive manual describes procedures and products for all aspects of the manicuring trade including: The Basic Manicure, Acrylic Nails, Gels, Silk Wraps, Paper Wraps, Liquid Wraps, Tips, Nail Decorating, Pedicures, Building A Clientele, and Running Your Own Salon.

This is a rare collector's book for any professional manicurist and a must-have manual for those who want to learn how to care for their own hands and feet.

Purchase The Professional Manicure Bible
The Professional Manicure Bible
is no longer in print, but I have seen used copies for sale on and

BUY the Professional Manicure Bible.



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