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Silk Soymilk7
Silk Soymilk - half gallon containerNow don't get all weird on me... soymilk is DELICIOUS. You will not even know the difference in taste between it and regular milk. In fact, if you do aSilk Soymilk Creamer taste test with two bowls of cereal, you won't even know the difference between the milk and the plain Silk Soymilk.

Silk Soymilk Creamer
I make espresso coffee and steam the Silk Plain Creamer to create a delicious cafe latte. My husband like to use the Silk Hazelnut Creamer in his decaffeinated Kona Joe Coffee.

Replace Milk in Recipes
When I make mashed potatoes, I use the Plain Silk Creamer instead of half and half or cream. Remember that you can use Silk's products in the same ways you would regular milk products. I even make my gravy with the Plain Silk Soymilk... refrigerated or pantry boxed style.

Box lunch sized SilkPantry and Travel
For emergencies, since I live 60 miles from a Vanilla Silk Soymilkgrocery store, I keep the boxed style Silk Soymilk in my pantry. That way I never have to worry about running out!

The boxed versions don't need to be refrigerated until after you open them. I also keep several individual boxed servings in chocolate and plain flavors to have handy for picnics or traveling with our grandson. When we stay at hotels, we always bring these to use with room service or in restaurants for our coffee.

Silk Coffee SoylatteStarbucks Uses Silk
Starbucks uses Silk Soymilk in their coffee drinks if you request it when you order. They will steam it and create the same specialty coffees or teas, but without the milk or cream.

Coffee Soylatte
If you want that cold iced coffee latte at home or at the office, why not try the Silk Coffee Soylatte? The 11 ounce individually bottled drink has 200 calories and travels well. We love the taste and it cost a lot less than the coffee shop prices. Silk also makes the Soylatte in a quart container, but I personally prefer the individual bottles.

Holiday Silk NOG

Silk NogAbout the middle of October, you can find Silk Nog!!! This is the best! I never cared much for the richness of eggnog, but the taste of Silk Nog is fabulous! It's festive and brings back great memories of childhood. I've even used it to make an old favorite Nog Cake... look for the recipe later in the year.

Specials and Coupons for Silk
The White Wave Food Company makes Silk Soymilk and on their web site they offer some specials that you might want to check out. I recommend signing up for notification of new products and a reminder as to when Silk Nog is available.

Check out all the FAQs and recipes that they provide on the web site too.


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