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Reed's, Inc.

Logo for Reed's Original Ginger BrewReed's Extra Ginger Brew
The Supreme of Ginger Brews
We got hooked on this ginger brew (gingerale), when I had a cold one year in Honolulu. Each bottle contains 25 grams of fresh ginger. The taste soothed my throat and "the taste knocks your socks off"! It also great if you have a queasy stomach or indigestion.

Reeds Extra Ginger BrewReed's Extra Ginger Brew contains 150 calories per bottle, so it's not going to be too damaging if you're watching your weight.

Six Reed's Ginger Brews
There are six other flavors of Reed's Ginger Brew: Original, Extra, Premium, Raspberry, and Spiced Apple. Non-alcoholic, all are freshly brewed in a brewery using fresh ginger root, spices, fruit juices, and filtered sparkling water. Other soft drinks use flavor crystals, chemicals, or other flavorings to maintain an inexpensive and consistent taste. All the flavor and health benefits of Reed's brews are from the actual ingredients. The use of fresh ingredients leads to slight variations in both flavor and the heat of the ginger.

Virgil's RootbeerVirgil's Root Beer
An Old-Fashion Root Beer Taste
My husband, Rob-ART, loves Virgil's Root Beer. It's light, refreshing and tastes like the root beer my grandpa made when I was a kid.

Made Naturally for the Root Beer Connoisseur Virgil’s Root Beer is one man’s passion to create the finest root beer ever produced. After retiring from a very successful career in the beverage industry, Ed Crowley set out to research what it would take to make the finest root beer ever. His research took him far into our country’s past.

Virgil's RootbeerHe found recipe books from centuries ago when root beer was a brew made at home with local hand picked roots and spices. Recipe in hand, his search for the finest ingredients then took him around the world. He found the finest Anise in Spain, Licorice in France, Vanilla in Madagascar, Cinnamon in Ceylon, Cloves and Nutmeg in Indonesia, Wintergreen and Cassia Oil in China, Pimento Berry oil in Jamaica, Balsam oil in Peru and back home Sweet Birch and Molasses in the USA.

Finally after years of traveling, he came home and started making Virgil’s Root Beer. He insisted on making it naturally without caffeine or preservatives. The rest is history with Virgil’s winning the highest gourmet awards ever given a soft drink.

Virgil's Microbrewed Root Beer contains these key all-natural ingredients:
carbonated water
unbleached cane sugar
Along with these natural herbs and spices (including point of origin):
anise from Spain
licorice from France
vanilla (bourbon) from Madagascar
cinnamon from Ceylon
clove from Indonesia
wintergreen from China
sweet birch from the southern US
molasses from the US
nutmeg from Indonesia
pimento berry oil from Jamaica
balsam oil from Peru
cassia oil from China

Virgil's ingredients are collected worldwide and gathered together at our facilities in the USA. From there they are imported to their brewer in the United States. At the brewery, the ingredients are then combined and brewed and finally flash pasteurized to insure the purest quality.

We buy Reed's Extra Ginger Brew or Virgil's Root Beer at Trader Joe's in California. To find it in your area, CLICK HERE!

BUY Reed'S Ginger Beer Extra Ginger Brew ( 6x4/12 OZ)

Betty Morgan, Chez Bettay, the Vegan Gourmet
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"Bubbly Snappy Reed's Extra Ginger Brew & Virgil's Root Beer...
Life is GOOD"

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