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Bodum Double-Walled Mug
Bodum Mug
This Bodum Double-Walled Mug has become my favorite for hot beverages. It comes in three sizes sizes: Latté-15 ounce, Mug-10 ounce and Espresso-4.5 ounce.

Don't be intimidated by the delicate glass! This cup is very strong and it keeps my coffee or tea HOT for the entire time I'm drinking it. The insulated walls keep the outside cool to the touch and the inside piping HOT.

I've got all the shapes and sizes that Bodum makes, but this new model is perfect for my hands and holds just the right amount.

BUY the Bodum Bistro Double-Wall Insulated 15-Ounce Glass Mug,
Set of 2



Vegan Beverages
The French Press Method

3-The Coffee Grinder
French Press Purists always recommend burr grinders, but the cost seemed excessive, they seemed to take up more counter space than I was willing to allocate and I was penny pinching! For a 16-ounce French Press by Bodum, I grind 4 rounded tablespoons of Kona Joe “Estate Trellis Reserve” to a medium-fine grind using my Coffee Mill by Bodum. Several lesser expensive grinders were used, but the Bodum does the best job in making all the beans the same grind size... this created the best coffee brew.

Depending on your idea of the strength of your brew, you can experiment with the amount and grind until you get it just right for your taste requirements. (Be sure that your grinder is only used for coffee and not for spices.)

Capresso Conical Burr GrinderHint: Any grinder can be used for espresso French coffee brewing, but the whirling action may make some of the coffee grind powdery. This sediment will be like sludge in your cup and can be annoying to some connoisseurs. To avoid this, I recommend investing in a burr grinder. I just purchased a Stainless Steel Infinity Burr Grinder by Capresso... it cost about $99 at I know this seems like a lot to spend on a coffee grinder, but the end results are superb! The coffee grinds to a totally uniform consistency and you can select the grind you want for the brew method you choose... Drip, French Press or Espresso. And the best part is that there is NO SLUDGE in the bottom of your cup.

4-Remove The Press
Remove the insert “press mechanism” from the glass beaker.

5-Pour The Ground Coffee Into The Press
Pour the perfectly ground coffee into the press from the grinder.

6-Add Near Boiling Water
Fill the press with the near boiling water to the top leaving enough room for re-inserting the “press mechanism” into the beaker. Turn the lid’s top so that the pour spout opening is closed keeping all the heat inside the beaker. Do not press yet, simply push the filter insert over the top of the grounds to keep them submerged in the hot water.

Cream and Sugar Users
Since Rob-ART and I are vegan, we recommend Silk Soy Creamer for coffee. It gives the same smooth taste as whole milk creamer and is healthier for those trying to keep cholesterol intake and calories low. It comes in three flavors: Plain, Hazelnut and French Vanilla.

Ingredients of Silk Soy Creamer:
Organic Soymilk* (Filtered Water, Whole Organic Soybeans*), Expeller Pressed Organic Canola Oil*, Naturally Milled Organic Evaporated Cane Juice*, Maltodextrin (From Corn), Soy Lecithin, Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Citrate, Carrageenan, Tapioca Starch, Natural Flavors.

Hint: Sometimes Silk Soy Creamer or Regular Silk Soymilk has a tendency to curdle if your coffee or tea is too hot. To prevent the curdling, pour some of the Silk Creamer or Silk Soymilk into a small sauce pan and heat it enough to take the chill off... this will also keep your coffee from cooling down too much when the cream is added.

UPDATE: Trader Joe's Soy Creamer - WILDWOOD
Wild Wood Organics Soymilk Creamer We've been using Trader Joe's Soy Creamer lately and prefer the taste and cost of it better than Silk Soymilk Creamer. I found out that it is made by Wildwood and Trader Joe puts its label on it. Great value, great taste and always FRESH!

The French Press Clean Up
The glass beaker, the press mesh filter mechanism and lid must be washed with soapy hot water and rinsed fully after each brew cycle. The oily residues leftover from the coffee grounds cannot be removed by simply rinsing your press. Screw the mesh mechanism apart and wash each piece separately then screw back together. Remember, any leftover oils from the previous brewing will contaminate your next pot.

The French Press for Brewing Teas
Yes, I make my favorite loose leaf Earl Grey, Yerba Mate and Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Herb Tea in my French Press. I love the French Press because I can see the actual color of the tea as it brews and plunge to stop the brewing process when I see the desired color I’m wanting for that special cup. Give it a try, but remember to wash all the parts with hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly or your next brewing will be contaminated with whatever got brewed last.

How To Recycle Coffee Grounds
I recycle my leftover coffee grounds in my garden. Plants love the grounds and so do composting piles.

7-Set The Timer
Set a timer for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, turn the beaker pour spout away from you then hold the handle with one hand and press the plunger down slowly with the other hand causing all the grounds to be pushed to the bottom of the pot. This action will leave you with only the rich coffee above the mesh filter screen and the grounds beneath. Now, turn the top cap so that the opening is facing the beaker’s pour spout and pour the best cup of coffee you have ever brewed.

The finer the grind of the coffee beans, the less brew time. Depending on your preference, this will also be a factor in YOUR recipe of a great cup of French press coffee.

Hint: Make only what you plan to drink NOW! French Press coffee cannot be held long... If you leave the unused brewed coffee sitting in the French press, it will continue to brew and result in a strong bitter second cup.

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"Invest in a great conical burr grinder for grinding those
precious coffee beans uniformly. It will be worth it, I promise!"

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