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Vegan Beverages
The French Press Method

4 Rounded Tablespoons of Kona Joe "Trellis Reserve" Coffee Beans
boiling water
Silk Soymilk Creamer

Capresso Burr Coffee Grinder
Bodum French Press
Bodum Ibis Water Kettle
Bodum Double Walled Glasses

Directions for French Press Coffee Brewing

1-The French Press
3A standard French Press will make 3 large cups of coffee (2 cups using our oversized cups or get a larger version if you have a large number of coffee drinkers. It’s best to use the size press that serves what will be consumed after brewing) Since I love kitchen gadgets, I purchased several sizes: 2 large for serving regular and decaf coffee for guests and 2 smaller for individual cups as needed. French Press coffee is a method that must be consumed immediately for the ideal cup! When in doubt or your finances are limited, purchase a French Press that is larger than you need that way you can make large amounts for guests and or less for individual servings.

2Finding A French Press
Affordable, Attractive, Abundant
Bodum is probably the best-known French Press Maker in the United States. And the size of press and design you purchase will depend on your pocketbook; style you like and how many cups you’ll be creating for yourself, family and friends. Personally, I have several small pots because I can make one French press decaf for my husband and one caffeinated press for myself and herb tea for those non-coffee drinkers. They take up little space and can be cleaned and put away after use leaving my limited counter space uncluttered.

You can find the Bodum Stainless French Press Coffee Maker at for about $24 for the 4 cup size.

2-The Water Kettle
In an electric water kettle or stainless steel pot, bring enough water to a near boil to fill a French Press. (I use bottled water.)

I use a Russell Hobbs Electric Water Kettle that provides the correct temperature automatically.

Features of my Russell Hobbs Water Kettle:
4cordless design
18/10 stainless
drip-less spout
powerful 1500-watt heating element and boils water quickly
capacity 1-1/3 quart
auto shuts-off when water boils
double boil-dry safety mechanism
UL Listed
one year limited warranty

Electric Water Kettle Melt Down
Since I wrote this, my Russell Hobbs Water Kettle went through a small incident. One early morning my husband, Rob-Art, took the electric kettle and put it onto the gas stove and turned on the flame... a few moments later, melt down occurred and the stench of flaming plastic filled our home... thus the demise of the kettle. Consequently I had to go hunting for a replacement on the Internet. Upon investigation, I found out that Bodum was the best electric water kettle because it brings the water to a just-off-boil - 195-200 degrees Fahrenheit for achieving the best temperature for making French Press coffee.

The Bodum Ibis Water Kettle not only heats quickly by way of a stainless steel heating coil inside the kettle. It sits on a base and is cordless when removed from the base. The oval black or white version holds 1.7 liters (50 ounces) of water. The heating element produces 1500 watts of energy to heat the contents FAST! The cost is half of other brands, a mere $29.95 and the oval styling design takes up less space on my limited countertop. The plastic exterior and base are easy to clean up and practically indestructible provided you don’t try to put it over an open gas flame on the stovetop.

Bodum Ibis Electric Water Kettle
5cordless design
indestructible plastic
drip-less spout
powerful 1500-watt oversized stainless steel heating element
capacity 1.7 liters (50 ounces)
auto shut-off to prevent dry boils (great safety feature)
boils 1 liter of water in 2 to 4 minutes
UL Listed
2 year limited warranty
Buy at

Cleaning Recommendations
For Your Electric Water Kettle

I live in a mountain community where iron and other minerals in the water leave a noticeable scaling on everything used in water. Twice a month I fill my kettle with half a cup of white distilled vinegar and fill with water to the top. Bring this mixture to a boil and it will dissolve all the scaling buildup. Rinse thoroughly and you’ll have a sparkling new looking interior again. Continue >>

Betty Morgan, Chez Bettay, the Vegan Gourmet
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"It's important to not over boil the water when making coffee...
you want just-off-boiling... 195-200 degrees Fahrenheit!"

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