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In Africa, at the base of Mount Kenya between 5,000 and 7,000 feet above sea level grows fields of fabulous tea plants. The Highland Tea Company is harvesting teas for four of the smoothest tasting teas that I've ever had...

4Straight Black
Straight Black... Kenyan black tea, is my first choice! You'll find this black tea a full-bodied black tea that accepts Silk Soy Milk and sugar just like I had in England.

The retail canisters hold 4 ounces, but the better buy is to purchase the bulk bag that weighs in at one pound! My recommendation is to try the small retail sizes and then reorder in bulk the teas that you really enjoyed... save the retail canister to refill from the bulk bag.


Tangawizi Ginger

Tangawizi Ginger is a Kenyan black tea blended with pure ground ginger. The ginger adds a snappy flavor to the smooth black tea. This was a great hit at a tea party and soothes a dry throat quickly!

3Masala Spice
Masala Spice reminds me of some Chai teas that I've had in the past... but Highland Tea Company's black tea makes this version "the BEST"! Flavored with pure ginger, cardamoms, nutmeg, clove, and black pepper zips up the smooth black tea beautifully... spicy, fruity, sweet and so aromatic! You've got to try this one!


Earl Grey

Earl Grey became my favorite after spending a month living in a small town outside of London. It was there that I learned how to brew a pot of tea and enjoy it with milk and sugar... now I use soymilk and sugar.

Highland Tea Company's famous black tea is scented with Oil of Bergamot to create that delicate orangey scent and flavor of Earl Grey Tea.

You won't be disappointed in any of The Highland Tea Company's Teas. Here's raising a cup to you!


Betty Morgan, Chez Bettay, the Vegan Gourmet
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