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Vegan Basics

MATCH Meats Review

           Match Meat Chicken

MATCH Premium Meat Alternative

Upscale, superior, quintessential...
One of the most challenging aspects of vegan cooking is how to translate classical meat recipes into vegan recipes. With the new introduction of MATCH Meat, created by Allison Burgess, I can now prepare a wholly individualized rendering of classical MEAT recipes from my favorite cookbooks. Recipes that I would not have even considered are now not only possible, but PERFECT! With MATCH Meat natural plant protein: Crab, Italian Sausage, Breakfast Sausage, Ground Beef, Ground Chicken, and Ground Pork, I can now create vegan versions of classical recipes.

Invite Your MEAT LOVER Friends

With MATCH Meat, you can now cook recipes for the MEAT LOVERS who said they could NEVER give up MEAT! It just happens that the owner of MATCH Meat created her products specifically for meat lovers who want to enjoy eating meat without the consequences of cholesterol, saturated fat, calories, hormones and antibiotics. Her MATCH Meats have all the texture and flavor of animal meat, but are made from a plant, rather than an animal. Protein source MATCH Meats are high in protein, fiber, and made with natural flavors. And I can promise you that NO ONE will believe it isn't REAL MEAT!


MATCH Meat contains natural plant proteins and flavors. There is NO Meat, NO cholesterol, NO trans fats, NO saturated fats, NO hormones, and NO antibiotics.

Taste and Texture of REAL Meat

MATCH Meats provide gourmet-quality vegan products that MIMIC the TASTE and TEXTURE of REAL MEAT. This is a momentous breakthrough for those in the restaurant world and for families that are transitional in consideration of vegan and vegetarian meal planning. These products provide a great way for families to try eating one vegan meal a week.

Faster Preparation of Classical Recipes

For those who work and want to still have healthy meals at home, MATCH Meat are FASTER to prepare in classical recipes than real meat. I was able to create the entire Match Meat Vegan Chicken Picatta including the sauce in 20 minutes. Creating 12 Match Meat Vegan Crab Cakes took less than 15 minutes to prepare and serve.

The Advantages of Cooking with MATCH?

Provides ways to introduce meat lovers to vegan alternatives.

Ability to prepare traditional recipes that call for meat products by using a natural plant-based substitute that resembles REAL meat.

Gourmet recipe options for those that want a gourmet vegan meal.

MATCH Meats do not shrink, cook quickly and easily, is not a factor in cross contamination, can be thawed and held for 5-7 days, formed and re-frozen, cooked from a frozen state, or cooked and re-heated.

Guidelines for Cooking with MATCH Meats

The Thaw

MATCH Meats are frozen and take 24 hours in your refrigerator to thaw, depending on the temperature. Keep the package contents cold until cooking; this will give a better texture.

Plumps and Firms

MATCH Meats are soft when cold, firm when warm. Keep this in mind when cooking. It is a low fat food, and requires oil or water when forming into shapes.

Firm vs Soft

MATCH Meats are firmer with less moisture in it and softer with more moisture in it. Baking, sautéing, poaching, and steaming all affect the moisture and texture, so you may have to experiment with it in your favorite recipe to get the perfect end result.

Oil Cooking Surfaces

MATCH Meats need oil on the outside of it when placing it on the grill, or spray the grill; when baking, oil the pan. Use a spray-oil or coat your hands and cover the outside of burgers, breast shapes, medallions and patties prior to grilling.

Oiling or wetting your hands in cold water when forming patties or other shapes will make the preparation easier.

Less Cooking Time

MATCH Meats require about half the cooking time as meat (thawed) and about 10% less time when cooking from a frozen state. DO NOT cook it too long as when it becomes over cooked, it will dry out. Covering loosely if baking in an oven is a good idea.

Bread Crumbs

Adding bread crumbs to MATCH Meats will compromise the texture of the products. The exception is the Crab Cakes recipe. I used leftover Basic Mashed Potatoes as my binder, but MATCH Meats has a recipe using bread crumbs.

Roasted and Raw Vegetables

Roasted or raw vegetables should be used sparingly. Raw vegetables release a lot of moisture, which softens the product. The more moisture you incorporate in a recipe, the softer the cooked product will be.


Incorporate fresh herbs and spices use as you would normally for any recipe for animal proteins. For salts and peppers, use 15-30% less in comparison to meat recipes. Roasted garlic, garlic, sugar, honey, salt, pepper use is about the same.

More Liquid Required

MATCH Meats in casseroles will take up some moisture and become dense. For example, in lasagna, you do not have to squeeze out the spinach nearly as much. Or you may want to keep your tomato sauce with more liquid, or your casserole will be too dry. Again, experimentation will be necessary to adjust conventional recipes to vegan recipes.

Fresh vegetables stuffed with MATCH Meats make easy and hot appetizers since the vegetable provides additional moisture and flavor when baked.

Short Cooking Time

When cooking off to use for sauces as in lasagna or marinara or a pizza topping, and other sauces, season the bulk product and sauté in oil, using a medium heat. Work quickly, breaking the Match Meat up into the desired size as you cook. Remember, MATCH Meats have a short cooking time.

Calories in MATCH Meat Crab

Many of us are counting calories, so here's the calories for a one pound package of MATCH Meat Crab
100g=140 calories
1 pound= 453.59 grams
12 crab cakes = 53 calories per cake, plus whatever you add to the recipe


I highly recommend MATCH Meat, especially the Match Meat Crab! The crab cakes were too good to be true!!!! And so easy to prepare. And the Match Meat Chicken was remarkable in the Match Meat Vegan Chicken Picatta recipe I created. I look forward to doing a lot of experimenting with MATCH Meats.

The cost factor is not expensive in comparison with other meat alternative meat and patty products that are currently available on the market. In fact, it may be cheaper to use MATCH Meat in recipes because I'm able to add my own seasonings and fillers to extend the serving portions. This was evident when creating the Match Meat Crab Cakes recipe.

Personally, I try to eat more whole and live foods rather than processed vegan products. But I do look forward to preparing some classical recipes from my meat eating days with MATCH Meats. So give it a try and let me and MATCH Meats know about your own experience with it in your vegan kitchen.


View various MATCH Meat handling techniques demonstrated by Allison Burgess and Executive Chef Freddy Holland. Learn easy ways to prepare each of the MATCH Meat Products.

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