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Four Generations of Cooks
tallest, Mom, Christine Stanley,
right, Grandma, Jody Slaton,
Great Grandma,
Nora Mae Mahoney
and me, Betty Ann, 1952.

Chez Bettay's
Cartoon Creator

My husband, Rob-ART, is Miss Chez Bettay's cartoon creator, and if you haven't figured it out by now, he made her look like me... my alter ego.

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Who Is Chez Bettay?
Betty Morgan | Chez Bettay, the Vegan Gourmet
The Cook Behind the Vegan Recipes

I love to eat and I'm from a long line of great southern cooks... and my cooking education found its roots in the bottom of a coffee can that Great Grandma Nora Mae Mahoney kept over the stove... she saved all the bacon, ham, sausage and fried chicken drippings in it! Almost every dish prepared in her kitchen had a large scoop of this flavorful grease... her mother, my mother and I followed. Each generation used less and I broke out of the habit in 1994.
              dinner at grandmas
Dinner at Grandma's 1956, Mom, Richard, me, cousin, Paul Wright

How We Became Vegans
Betty Morgan and husband, Rob Art MorganMy husband and I started on a vegan eating program in 1994, after watching a PBS program by an anesthesiologist, Dr. Michael Klaper called "A Diet For All Reasons." I wanted to lose weight and my husband needed to lower his cholesterol. The video was so compelling that my husband, Rob-ART Morgan, wanted me to convert that very day to this new vegan style of eating.

How Do I Begin?
With no clue as to how to cook vegan, I proceeded to the library to check out all the vegetarian cookbooks that I could find. There were few books available that were strictly vegan, so I checked out all the vegetarian books that had great photographs and began researching our new vegan eating style.

The Vegan Pantry
After researching the vegetarian and vegan recipes in the cookbooks I found, I made a list of items to convert my animal-based pantry into a plant-based vegan pantry for cooking. I cleared out all of the animal-based food items and began experimenting and trying new foods and food products. The transition for us was easy, but difficult for family and friends.

Healthful Benefits of Vegan Eating
Rob-ART and I couldn't believe how GREAT we felt after only two days of vegan meals! Each of us experienced more energy, required less sleep, and had clearer thinking! We are sick less often and recover quicker when we do come down with something.

The Vegan Experimentation Continues
I love to cook and experiment with recipes. I confess... I'm a cookbook and cooking magazine junkie too! I prefer cookbooks and food magazines that contain beautiful photographs, great slick paper and well designed layouts. The problem is that few cookbooks exist with all these features. So little by little I started creating vegan renditions of my favorite recipes. Slowly but surely, I developed the same animal-based meals into delightful, tasty and easy to create vegan recipes.

Hundreds of people have eaten my cuisine and enjoyed every mouthful... especially the "there's no way I could live without meat" eaters. I've proved over and over again that vegan is not boring or tasteless food!

Features of
As a web site designer, I created this web site for "wanna be" gourmet vegan cooks.... I've included all my favorite features:
lots of great vegan meal photographs
clean layout design
easy to follow vegan recipe directions

Send Me Your Comments & Suggestions
I welcome any comments or suggestions that will make this web site better for all VEGANS! If this site has helped you, tell me about it and tell your vegan friends!

Now, let's get COOKING!

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Betty Morgan, Chez Bettay, the Vegan Gourmet
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